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Best Video Editing App – Viva Video Download Now !!

VivaVideo is the advanced Video Editing and Maker application that helps Smartphone users to create beautiful movies by editing together different clips and videos on iOS and Android devices. The application is available for download for free at Google Play Store and Apple store. For VivaVideo Download you need to visit the Play Store or Apple store and download the application for video editing and making creative videos.

This application not just only helps the users to create unique videos, but also come with some excellent editing features and in-app video-capturing camera for comprehensive video experience. You will find the VivaVideo Download in the video and photo section of the app store from where you can download it for free and install it on your Android and iOS devices and also know about how to edit videos with viva video after downloading the app.

Video Recording with VivaVideo App:

VivaVideo Download and launches swiftly and consume hardly 33.6 MB of space of your phone memory. The application runs and functions swiftly and smoothly, which truly add an excellent user experience.

The primary feature of the application is the in-app camera which allows the users to capture videos in regular point and shoot way and also enables them to shoot videos with effects including funny videos and PIP videos. The application comprises of over 60 different effects that can be used while capturing videos. There are also additional effects packs available for users which they can download for free.

If you already have some videos stored in your Android and iOS devices, then you can simply grab them from the unique video slideshow view of your device.

Editing Tools of VivaVideo

The VivaVideo Download comprises of some unique and advanced editing tools that are quite effective and intuitive. Users will find the Pro Mode and the Quick Mode for editing. These tools allow the users to quickly edit videos together and even edit the tiniest details of each frame, based on your unique preferences and Chrono resources.

These editing tools make the videos merge perfectly without making them look like a disjointed clip. There are effects, filters, titles, transitions, and music track that you can include while editing the videos to make them appear real movie rather than a disjointed clip. If you want to view another matter while editing, then you can simply save the half edited file and resume the editing after viewing the matters.

Features of VivaVideo

  • In-app camera for live effects previews and different models for capturing videos
  • Improved video quality using themes
  • Over 60 effects to choose from and with extra downloadable effects
  • Social media integration
  • Edit frames within the video
  • Merges videos to create montages without storyboarding features


Although there are many video editing applications available, it is important for the developers to bring something unique in their editing experience and VivaVideo Download offers really wonderful editing experience with its amazing features and editing tools. It comprises of some unique and revolutionary features that completely change the video editing phenomenon for developers and enhance their video editing experience.

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