CFD 2013

Community Foundation Days 2013

Golf Tournament Winners:

1st Place (99): Jim Nelson, Chuck Perry, Bobby Stokes, Dave Jordan
2nd Place TIE ( 104): Mike Walters, Allen Mitchell, Scotty Showerman, Jim Houson
3rd Place TIE (104): Ben Barnes, Buddy Barker, Gregg Barr, Thomas Critcher
4th Place TIE (106): Bobby Rice, Bill Collins, Dave Palmer, Mike Montesanti
5th Place TIE (106): Paul Harrington, Travis Ford, Bedford Earp, Rick Arrowood
6th Place TIE (107): Tommy Miller, John Cornett, Lee Wilson, Wes Daniel
7th Place TIE (107): Tom Barrett, Ed Heller, Chris Ebaugh, Nevin Ebaugh
8th Place (108): Sam Hess, JR Neiman, Michael Remley, Bradley Nye

Hole #2 Closest to the Pin: Tom Dixson
Hole #6 Closest to the Pin: Gene Lewis
Hole #11 Closest to the Line: David Schadel
Hole #15 Closest to the Pin: Billy BarkerHole #16 Closest to the Pin: Steve Moore

Tennis Tournament Winners:

Level A Ladies Doubles :  Cheryl Moerke and Julie Nelson
Level B Ladies Doubles: Penny Barnhill and Debbi Wood
Level A Men’s Doubles: Brad Taylor and Tony Niccolini
Level B Men’s doubles: John Grasinger and mark Ginn
Level a Mixed Doubles:  Brad Taylor and Nancy Corona
Level B Mixed Doubles:  CeCe Grasinger and John Grasinger