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How to Use Facetime App on iPhone and iPad

FaceTime app is an awesome app that helps to chat, calls and also share your multi thoughts with your friend circle. It’s like Skype and Google hangouts that are used for video calling. With a 3G/ 4G connection or wireless, you can make a video call to your friends.

FaceTime application is a video telephony product and developed by Apple Inc. Apple takes this “FaceTime” name from FaceTime Communication, who changed their name to Antiance.

Generally, Face Time app is a video chat application formed by Apple and FaceTime Audio is also available on any iOS device.

Uses of FaceTime/ How to use?

FaceTime app depends on your device, on which device you are trying to call. If you are trying to call someone’s iPhone, you can just dial that person’s phone number. Or if you want to reach his/her on the iPod touch then you need to type his/her email address.

The thing is, if you’re reachable at that time, it will ring on your devices wherever you are.

Now, here I’m going to show you, how to use this application on your devices…

FaceTime app for iPhone

 Step 1:  Hit on the Phone icon on your home screen: So, the phone icon which is on the left bottom, and click on the contacts. The option will appear on the bottom of the screen and after you can browse your contact.

Step 2: Select a friend, you would like video chat on FaceTime:  select a friend, with whom you would like to talk by selection the friend’s list. After that just hit the FaceTime option. Now, you can call her/ his regularly or wish to video chat with that selective person.

Step 3: just wait for receive the call to respond: During the call, you need to wait for your friend’s response to connecting your call device. Otherwise, you cannot see or connect with your friend.

Step 4.  Talk with your friend on FaceTime: After receiving your call on FaceTime, both parties can video chat or talk to each other on your device. And the Top upper right side you will see your own picture in smaller. Three options will appear on the screen.

  • To mute the call: If you click on this right button, second party or your friend will not hear your voice.
  • To End up the call: after finish your conversation you can cut your call by clicking on the red button.
  • And the camera option. Switching the left side button, you can see yourself or the back view.

FaceTime On iPod

Step 1: press on the FaceTime button on the home screen: And you can start to generate this app by clicking it on your homepage. And this icon will provide you lots of friends who has an account in FaceTime app.

Step 2:  choose a friend you’d like to call:  find a selective friend using FaceTime. And after that press on the call button.

Step 3: wait to respond your call: during the call you need to wait for your friend until he/ she is not answering your call.

Step 4: Talk with your person: Talk with your person, who have been using this application. Once you are in a video chat with your friend, you will definitely see him/ her face on the screen.

For using this apk file, we can download facetime app on Windows OS, you need to have an email address or a phone number of that particular person to whom you are trying to call. And you should know that FaceTime video calling depends on the internet data, it will take charges while you are using this app.

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