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The Blowing Rock Community Foundation has awarded scholarships to qualified students for over 30 years. Each scholarship has been for four years and/or 12 semesters of higher education.
To date, 120 scholarships have been awarded with 95% of these recipients completing their degrees. Scholarships to date have totaled over 1.3 million dollars. 
For 2021, the Foundation is proud to present the following:
Jane and Dan Wolfe Scholarship – $15,000 – Bella Knight
Tessien Family Scholarship – $5,000 – Daisy Coffey
Jean and Walter Wilkinson Scholarship – $5,000 – Libby Glidewell
Burns Scholarship – $5,000 – Abe Bachman
Ted and Marty Couch Scholarship  – $2,000 – Lena Westwood
Blowing Rock Community Foundation Scholarship – $2,000 – Riley Kiker
Blowing Rock Community Foundation Scholarship – $2,000 – Paige Smith
With the addition of these seven students, the Foundation will provide during the 2021-2022 academic year, scholarships for 19 students.
At Spring Commencements programs in May the following scholarship students received their diplomas: 
Conner Badger – Auburn University
Kevin Kapral – University of North Carolina at Chapel hill
Collin Linnville – New York University
The Foundation is proud of these students and is assured of their success in the future.